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VNAnalytics database and data collection is second to none. It’s the most advanced property data and reporting system in Vietnam. Our data sources are not restricted to limited sources; we research the whole market to provide you accurate market knowledge so that we can help you minimise any down side risks so your project maximizes every opportunity for success. Our system utilises the latest technology, our data team uses modern web browsers, tablets or smart phones to collect and report data that’s up to the minute. If you deal in any real estate sector, VNAnalytics is your best property partner; we have the data you can't be without. We don’t just deal in commercial transactions, we report condominium, villa and townhouse, industrial, retail and investment and development land transactions. Our data is sourced via our data partners and our team of data analysts. We are continually updating and analysing real estate and property news across Vietnam and Asia. We know the property and house market and we work with our clients to provide exactly what they need. We work with our clients and their teams to build better reports, studies, data and research. VNAnalytics has better data processes and procedures with an extensive database we can provide real time trend analysis on all property sectors in Vietnam

Our advantage to you

We know the Vietnam market deeply and accurately and we incorporate that knowledge with practical and skilled multi-disciplinary approaches to development feasibility We cover all property sectors in Vietnam’s major cities and provinces. We excel in collecting and securing key data that is analysed at a high level by our team. They are most experienced and come from a diverse range of educational and professional backgrounds, the team consists of economic and financial analysts, desk and field researchers, forecasters and property experts.

Experienced and professional staff nationwide

Our team is passionate about helping our clients succeed, recognising each project is unique therefore our advice needs match.

Advanced software

VNAnalytics is the most sophisticated software that continuously updates with currently over 10 years of data. VNAnalytics software keeps our researchers up to date. It’s automated so while they sleep it works to source broader and more accurate data samples. Our data analysts input, filter and correct critical and valuable market data daily so that we rely on and report to you the latest data. Our managers and staff are all connected via our unique web interface, they can load, store and source data from anywhere at any time.

Multiple data sources

VNAnalytics team of analysts are data savvy and access many sources to capture, record and verify all data points. We then filter and enhance our data.

Why VNAnalytics?

When thinking about real estate in Vietnam or investing in Vietnam our customers rely on the VNAnalytics team to get reliable property data and fast. When calculating land prices in Vietnam or to negotiate a land or operating asset values our clients rely on VNAnalytics data and research capabilities. Our research team in Vietnam are active every day in the market collecting house and land, commercial, investment and project sales and data. We use many sources and then for your convenience bring it all together into a single Vietnam database. When scoping out or analysing a real estate or merger and acquisitions in Vietnam. VNAnalytics can assist you and your team with the property records and research to better analyse the opportunity. We can provide market insights and up to date information. Our research is analysed by experienced property people in Vietnam. We know the market and we cover most sectors of the Vietnam property market. We even report on infrastructure, the economy, and mergers and acquisitions in Vietnam. We can assist anyone who owns, invests, divests or negotiates real estate in Vietnam. We have unprecedented local knowledge. Subscribe to our data now.

VNAnalytics was designed by property experts, so the tool has been built with your needs in mind

Developers services

Our property data system is the most powerful tool in Vietnam. It can be modified so we can work with you to input your projects and data including a full analysis and comparable value data. We can input stacking and development plans, leases and land use documents. 
We can tailor a system to support your business. We not only have the data but also a complete property IT solution. Input a full property description, maps and photos. Your team can access anytime from anywhere.

Fund managers

VNAnalytics saves your business lots of time because we can tailor a system to support your fund. We have the IT property solution and we can assist your team to Input a full property description, maps and photos of properties in your fund. Your team can access anytime to run your business fast and user friendly.

Your Property

VNAnalytics can help you store data for your personal portfolio and you can use our analytical tools to check values and sales of other properties. You have the most up to date values and property data to then better leverage your property investments. 
In your personal property portal you can store reports, land use and construction certificates and any other documents and notes all in the one safe and secure place and be able to re-call it at anytime.

Your work smarter, not harder. How?

It’s simple to use and can be assessed by you or your staff from anywhere or while they are mobile. Our system can track any property and we provide real data that your teams need. Photo, mapping, property descriptions and values. 
Real time data updated daily… others simply can’t match our advanced technologies. 
Best of all you don’t need expensive software or equipment upgrades it works on a secure web server. Your data anywhere at any time. You can use your smart phone or tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


Leon has provided advice and consultancy on a level you don’t often experience. He has a broad and extensive knowledge of the market and to be a certified Valuer in Vietnam is a unique achievement.
Managing Director, Ausreal Vietnam
Leon and I worked together on many occasions in forming and delivering advisory to clients. I was particularly impressed by Leon's excellent skills and ability to handle even the toughest clients…
Director, CBRE Vietnam
I have worked with Leon for near 7 years and he has never lost his enthusiasm for our project and has been an important and key advisor. His skills and dedication are second to none.

Project Director, Ausreal Vietnam


Director - Data and Research
Senior Data Analyst

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