Our data advantage to you

We know the Vietnam market and incorporate that knowledge into our data and the reports we provide. We cover all property sectors in Vietnam’s major cities and provinces, including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, Nha Trang and Hai Phong. We excel in collecting and securing key Viet Nam data that is analysed at a high level by our team and our technology can alert you to any action in a specific sector in the market. Our reports and studies reflect our experience and we have a proven track record. Our team are trained and skilled and trained to deliver. Our team comes from a diverse range of educational and professional backgrounds, the team consists of economic and financial analysts, desk and field researchers and property experts.

Advanced data software

VNAnalytics is the most sophisticated software that continuously updates its database every minute. We are no doubt the real estate and property leaders in Vietnam and Asia.

VNAnalytics software keeps our researchers up to date. It’s automated and it works to source broader and more accurate data samples. Our data analysts input, filter and correct critical and valuable market data daily so that we rely on and report to you the latest data.

Experienced and professional staff

Our managers and staff are all connected via our unique web interface, they can load, store and source data from anywhere at any time.

Multiple data sources

VNAnalytics team of analysts are data savvy and access many sources to capture, record and verify all data points. We then filter and enhance the data.

Yes, we FILTER data.

Our services are unique… as is our data system

We offer you the best research data platform. Our director has over 30 years of extensive experience of real estate development. He is your invaluable partner. His advice is always sector specific and specialised. It’s not limited to some sectors of the market and he is well versed in providing and conducting high level presentations where and when his clients demand.
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Market Research

An in-depth analysis of one, or more, property sectors. We cover 13 sectors including: education, golf course, hospitals, hotel, industrial, office, residential, resort, retail, development land townships and resort and hospitality.

Development Recommendations

Our recommendations are independent and specific to your project. Our reports are specific to your needs. We tell you what you should develop. We give you the complete property solution that includes; unit mix and layout, projected selling costs, phasing, sales strategy and design briefs.

Project Consulting

Our project consulting capability encompasses master planning for future development of a property or project. We provide strategic planning for proposed and existing properties and real estate assets, location studies and comparative surveys in any sector.

Specific Market Studies

VNAnalytics excels at providing project reports that advise and assist you to position, phase and price your product in an ever moving market.

Feasibility Studies

Our track record demonstrates that we are in the best position to advise developers in determining the highest and best use for their land and we analyse the financial viability of your project. With project specific software, and using our industry leading models, our feasibility studies are tailored for you.

Retainer-based Consulting

Retainer-based consulting for any project or market survey we can adapt our database or our computer software to provide you the most comprehensive property consultancy solutions on line and updated to your specific needs. Our software is flexible and adaptable to meet your exact project needs.

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